Project Scope

For a multinational client, in support of a new distribution network, designed and implemented multiple Distribution Centers and  satellite warehouses including the development of new operating model.


Site Planning

Determined property sizing for the new facilities and placement on the future terrains. As well, designed truck flow with the positioning of the guard houses, parking, and offices on the site plans.

Layout Desings

For three distribution centers (macro hubs) supplied building height specifications (under joist), floor capacities, column spacing, and m2 floor requirements for construction.

Deliverables also inclued:

  • Quantity and placement of truck platforms and ramps,
  • Specifications and quantities of fixed and mobile equipment,
  • Lighting and aisle spacings,
  • Positioning of fixed equipment and inventory for optimal product flow.

Operating Model

Developed operating processes, organizational planning, job descriptions and roles and responsibilities.

Best Practices Include:

  • End to end holistic processes
  • Process mapping
  • Organizational planning
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Definition of KPIs, reports and dashboards


Supplied specifications to align the WMS to the future operating model, focused on product flow, productivity, customer services and costs. As well worked with the systems provider to complete a testing and execution of the new WMS.

Deliverables also included:

  • Process mapping and for receiving, putaway, picking, letdown, staging and loading processes, including inventory control, and
  • The configuration and implementation of a new WMS (warehouse management system), in support of best practices,
  • With human resources, developed an organizational plan including roles and responsibilities for staffing with work shift schedules.


Of the design of three new distribution centers.

Deliverables included:

  • Preparation and analysis of request for quotations for fixed and mobile equipment,
  • Upon receipt of equipment, inspection of specifications and installation according to the layout design,
  • Development of a numbering system for the execution of the operation and WMS,
  • Assignment of slot locations for each stock keeping unit considering demand, inventory rotation, order preparation work cycles and labor,
  • Development of move plans to the new operation during on-going customer delivery (move transparent to the customer), and
  • Following the new operating model, support of the configuration and execution of a new Oracle WMS (Warehouse Management System).


In support of the new design and operating model, with the client, prior to and after Go-Live, prepared and delivered conference room and on the floor training sessions.

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