Across several industries, our services cover: (i.) analyses of demand projections, machine capacities, and inventory requirements for raw materials, WIP, packaging materials and finished goods, followed by: (ii.) layout designs considering optimum material flows from processing to finished goods. In addition, when required, we will introduce new operating models supported by information systems.


Our approach first addresses the development of a baseline of the current operations. Follow by an analyses of the projected demand and future production capacity requirements. Upon client request, if the purchase of additional equipment is required, our services will cover the development of a business case to justify the investment.

Following demand and capacity analyses, we will design layouts for both the plant, warehouses and distribution centers. Our designs follow best practices for optimal material flow from raw material, WIP, product packaging to finished goods. Additionally, upon request, we will design ergonomic packaging stations.


With our clients, we transform designs and opportunities off paper to real tangible benefits. For a realignment of current operation, or the development a new plant facility, we will prepare plans for the implementation and installation of the new operations. If required, our services will: prepare and analyze supplier quotations, inspect the placement of machines, follow up on the receipt of mobile equipment and the installation of fixed equipment according to the layout design.

Regarding management and productivity of the new design, we develop performance reports, dashboards, and reference materials.


During and after the implementation, we offer conference room and on the floor training sessions for the execution of the new layout and operating model. Upon request, in support of the training we will prepare reference materials for the execution and maintenance of the design.

Benefits of our Plant Design Services

  • Changeover plans for future manufacturing operations.
  • Vision of future expansion requirements for a period of five, 10 and/or 20 years.
  • Alignment between production and demand.
  • Inventory reduction.
  • Improvements in order fill rates and stock outs.
  • Performance optimization considering the new operating models.
  • Cost reduction per sales unit.
  • When required, introduction of supporting IT systems.





15 years


Case Examples

Designed and implemented the consolidation of three plants, three warehouses, and one distribution center under one roof. Project included layouts, equipment requirements, process mapping and training.

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