Working with our clients to jointly develop improved processes is key to our program success. By gaining an understanding of both, the current situation and client expectations, we identify the necessary changes required for an improved operation. Our recommendations consider best practices focused on end-to-end holistic processes and communications across the working silos of our client’s value chain.


Our approach begins with a mapping of the existing processes. Followed by an analysis of work streams and the potential opportunities found within. Commonly inefficiencies are identified in either and/or a set of redundancies, a lack of visibility, poor execution, and inadequate monitoring.

Additionally, in support of an improved process model, with human resources, we will develop a new organizational structure including a description of each of the roles and responsibilities.

Common sources used to develop improved processes

  • Standard models in the industry,
  • Replication of best practices in similar organizations, and
  • New designs developed from client and KFW Consultants experience.

Short list of deliverables

  • Process mapping,
  • Definition of information systems required per process,
  • Human resources,
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Organizational planning
    • Staffing
    • KPIs
  • Description of the new operating model, and
  • Reference material in support of the new processes.


With our clients, we transform designs and opportunities off paper to real tangible benefits. Using change management methods, we engage all levels of the organization to participate in the necessary communications for a successful changeover. In addition, with Human Resources we provide support with staffing interviews, and if necessary, an outline of all required work certifications and licenses.


During and after the implementation, we offer conference room and on the floor training sessions for the execution of the new processes. Upon request, in support of the training we will prepare reference materials for the execution and maintenance of the design.

Benefits of our Process Design Services

  • Improved end to end workflows considering holistic best practices across silos.
  • Increased operational efficiency, effectiveness and overall productivity.
  • Focused accountabilities for assigned roles and responsibilities.
  • Effective monitoring of goals and expectations.
  • Pertinent key performance indicators (KPIs) focused on joint accountabilities, productivity, and end results.
  • Effective communication top down, bottom up.





25 years


Case Examples

For a client in the plastics industry, in support of a new commercial strategy, designed processes and a new administrative model.

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