Configuration & Execution

A WMS (Warehouse Management System) is critical for efficiently managing warehouse operations, inventory, and order fulfillment. KFW Consultants support in the implementation of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) involves several key steps to ensure a successful configuration and execution.

Our Support in 7 Steps

1.  Distribution Center Design

Our Distribution Center designs help the client plan for their future operations. We take into account: how they will manage their inventory, what kind of storage and mobile equipment they will need, and the slot numbering system to be implemented.

2.  Operating Model Design

Following the Distribution Center Design, we create optimal process mapping for each workflow, specifying: the roles and responsibilities for its execution, the information needed to carry out each process effectively and efficiently, and the reports, KPIs and dashboards to track operational performance.

3.  Criteria for the WMS Configuration

With the Distribution Center and Operating Model Designs, we prepare the key criteria and information required to execute each process, such as: the receiving and storing of goods, order picking and slot replenishment, staging and truck loading. This set of criteria and information is used in the configuration of the WMS for the system functionality and execution. After the configuration is completed, we assist with a “mock-go-live” test, to verify the WMS performance before real time execution.

4.  WMS Software Selection

We research the market and with the client evaluate different WMS software solutions, based on how well they meet the new operating model requirements. We consider factors, such as: functionality, scalability, integration capabilities, user-friendliness, cost, etc.. We then synthesize, present and advise the client on the best software choice. Note: KFW Consultants are independent and impartial from any WMS software vendors.

5.  Testing “WMS Mock-Go-Live”

We participate in a cross functional team with the client´s IT and operations departments to ensure a successful testing of the selected WMS software. Key activities include, (i.) Preparation: data integrity, LPN barcode labeling, slot location numbering, process definition, hardware purchase, etc., (ii.) Testing: we conduct a mock-go-live of the entire operating model in a controlled environment before the actual launch, y (iii.) Bugs: we assist in resolving any issues that may occur during the implementation.

6.  Training and User Adoption

We work with the client and the software provider to train the staff of the distribution center on how to effectively use the WMS with the new operating model. We also offer continuous support and documentation of the operating model to help employees transition to the new system.

7.  Go-Live and Monitoring

We offer assistance with the WMS deployment using various strategies, either in phases or all at once (big bang). We also keep a close eye on the WMS performance during the first weeks of each Go-Live stage to quickly detect and fix any problems.

WMS Implementación y Capacitacion
Reportes y Dashboard para el monitoreo de las operaciones dentro un almacen

Benefits of our WMS Software Services

  • Improved inventory accuracy with real-time visibility, reducing the chances of stockouts, overstocking, or misplaced items.
  • Enhanced efficiency by optimizing process execution with assigned putaway and picking priorities.
  • Increased productivity with predetermined assigned product groupings and storage areas within slot number ranges.
  • Improved utilization of m2 and m3 with real time putaway criteria, using predetermined assigned slot locations.
  • Improved order management with assigned customer priorities within loading waves.
  • Real-time visibility with the use of designed performance metrics that allows for better decision-making, helps identify bottlenecks, and enables quicker responses to changing demands.





30 years


Case Examples

For a multinational client and in support of the implementation of a WMS system in three MacroHubs (distribution centers that integrate several warehouses) in Mexico and the U.S. We defined the configuration criteria following the operational model proposed by KFW Consultants. We also supported with “Mock” tests prior to the successful launch of a Go-Live.

Caso Exito WMS

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