Pocket Margin Visibility

Profitability Model

Project Scope

Development and implementation of a new profitability model for a Mexican company with businesses across North, Central, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.


A financial model covering revenue and costs at a product, customer order, sales channel and regional level. Working off one set of calculations and one database across the company´s value chain, the client eliminated confusion over interdepartmental assessments of the current company profile as well as with its future projections. With the new visibility the client has been able to develop profitability improvement programs, including: a revision of their customer segmentation, sales incentives, and minimum order quantities.

As well, together with the client we designed and developed dashboards, reports and key performance indicators for the monitoring of growth of the company´s profitability.

Key Performance Indicators

Profit (pocket margin) by:

    • Product and product families
    • Customer order, customer, and customer segment
    • Sales channels and regions

Service per Sales Unit Broken Down by:

    • Sales cost
    • Production cost
    • Distribution cost

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